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Painting robot

Coating robot which assembled with stability and flexibility can greatly reduce the labor intensity, improve the efficiency of the coating. It has been widely applied in all kinds of coating industry. Coating robot is the base of intelligent production.




We have a series of high-precision machining equipment
such as DMG five-axis machining center, milling mach-ining
centerand Mazak CNC lathes that haslaid the foundation of
core technology innovation for rotary atomizer and spray gun.
"If there is a better way, find it" which is the motto of our
technology innovation since MJ established. We have
developed new standard from product structure,
performance to appearance.


Almost all of our products are kept running day and night for many years, which means the whole system must be stable and reliable, there fore commitment to quality is one of our majorconcerns.We strictly abide by ISO9001, work from material to precise processing, to assembling,system testing, each link should be watched well.


MJ established laboratory for generalindustry & robot
painting, aiming to provide amulti-functional professional
test place with electrostatic coating experiment, robot
trainingand process data collection for customers. Fixed,
reciprocating and robot coating facilities are well prepared
to meet customers' demands.


Electrostatic coating, a specialized subject,with years of experience, we are very honored to share the theory, technology and experience. Training includes electrostatic coating principle, safety, operation, influences. problem analysis and discussion on coating. Training is alsoavailable based on the specific requirements of customers.


With 20 years of experience, we are able to provide professional
assurance in installa-tion,testing, maintenance, service and
renovation since we have offices throughout China.
"MJ-famous products with efficient service", our service team
is always keeping this concept into minds, building up excellent
reputation, which is the important factor to earnhighly recognition.

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            MJ Coating Technologies Co.,Ltd., with high performance in rotary atomizer and spray gun manufacturing is the unique company which has already approved Germany PTB certificate inChina. MJ has international advanced site of design, manufacture,service,training and display in Langfang, Hebei province. 

            AS the most advanced and compre-hensive enterprise that specializes in rotary atomizer and spray gun manufacturing,  MJ strictly abides by ISO9001 each link including prod...

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机器人的喷涂流量是单位时间内定量泵(齿轮泵)输送给每个旋杯的涂料量,是生产中调整最频 繁的参数 。流量是决定漆膜厚度的最直接因素,提高流量会增大吐出量,从而增大膜厚。
目前使用传统喷涂、人工手喷的作业方式,存在油漆浪费量大、环境污染、生产效率低、产品色差、质量不稳定、成本偏高等问题。 而旋杯静电喷漆就没有以上问题,它的原理与静电除尘相同,是利用高压所形成…

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